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Alice Felloni is a visual artist who focuses her interest in digital art in the field of augmented reality.

Her digital knowledge is born in Berlin and extends across Europe to Central America where she has worked and lived for a period of her life.

This allows her to expand her skills among the various and different artistic sensibilities .

From videomapping shows for the Martinique Biennial, to electronic music festivals such as Sonar, to video installations on large tree canopies for the Noor Light Festival in Riyadh

to creating stage mapping and holographic installations for the realities of Italian music concerts, Alice continuously ranges and researches through different forms of visual arts,

her way of expression taking us inside a surreal reality.
Among the brands she has worked for include Heineken, Formula E, Fendi, Sky and many others;

In 2016 she wins the 1st prize of the vj contest of video art of the Signal Festival in Prague.

From 2016 to today she is a professor at the IED University of Rome.

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